The women’s section is a strong, unified, successful and consistently growing part of MPHC. We cater for all ages, levels of experience and fitness ability with a wide range of hockey options available to all players. We actively support members across all of the Women’s teams to enjoy their hockey and achieve their individual personal best.

MPHC offers a wide range of hockey options for players – whether you want strong, competitive hockey or whether you are looking for a more social game.

HV Teams:
• Women’s Vic League 1
• Women’s Vic League Reserve
• Women’s Pennant C
• Women’s Metro B 

Mornington Peninsula Hockey Association (Monday Evenings):
• Falcons Green

Our club is proud of our commitment to Women and Girl’s hockey. We have a strong and growing number of Junior Girls teams in all age groups and we encourage our young female players to participate in the senior competitions from the age of 14. The opportunity to develop their hockey under the guidance of experienced senior women and coaches provides a nurturing transition into the senior grades

We are looking forward to an exciting future with our successful VL1 team striving towards Premier League with the support of a vibrant and dedicated hockey community.


Training times 2021

7:00PM – 8:00PM (6:30 Warmup)
Peninsula Hockey Centre – Monash Uni Peninsula Campus

7:00PM – 8:00PM (6:30 Warmup Off-Campus)
Toorak College – Mt Eliza

Women’s Head Coach 2021 – Kendall Edens

We are excited to welcome back to the Mornington Peninsula Hockey Club Kendall Edens as our Women’s Head Coach for the season 2021. With an extensive hockey career spanning over 35 years as a player, coach and mentor both in Victoria and London, Kendall is highly experienced and qualified. As a junior he represented Victoria and went on to play State League 1 at Doncaster and Waverly before moving to Monash as a State League1 player and coach.

Kendall is enthusiastic to coach our talented VL Women’s team in 2021 and take them a step further in the finals, aspiring to a future Premier League position. His philosophy is to develop the younger players to become key members of the VL squad whilst maintaining an experienced core.

Contact Information

For further information regarding the MPHC Women’s section or to discuss how you can become a member of our family friendly Club, please contact:

MPHC Womens Coordinator
Email: womens.coordinator@mphc.org.au


MPHC Womens Head Coach – Kendall Edens
Email: kendalledens@gmail.com
Phone: 0405 441 203




New Players Welcome

Thinking of playing hockey? We are always on the look out for new players.

A club dedicated to developing hockey on the Mornington Peninsula, providing a family friendly environment that values participation, enjoyment and excellence. Our club is committed to promoting skill, sportsmanship and good health to enable all members to reach their full potential.

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