Hockey Victoria will be conducting a Level 1 Umpiring workshop at the Peninsula Hockey Centre on 17/03/19.

Those wishing to attend need to register with HV and HockeyEd (using the links below) and advise Cheryle on when you have done so.

Total cost of the course is $105. MPHC will refund $50 to participants who gain their accreditation (complete workshop and pass practical assessment) and umpire for MPHC during the 2019 season.

There are two separate payments and registrations that need to be done:

1. Register & pay $55 to Hockey Vic to attend the workshop:
The image below shows the correct course to select:

2. Register & pay $50 to HockeyEd to enrol in the Level 1 umpire accreditation program: Before the workshop on 17/03, participants will need to:

1. Complete the online quiz in HockeyEd

2. Visit and complete the Play By the Rules Child Protection, the Play By the Rules Harassment & Discrimination and the Introductory Officiating General Principles quizzes.

After the workshop, participants then need to be practically assessed.

Any questions regarding the course and workshop, please contact Cheryle at