We are extremely excited to be able to be back up and running for training activities. It has been a long couple of weeks but it will be great to see everyone back out on the pitch.

Competition games will hopefully commence from Friday 18th June. HV have just released how they intend to manage the games that were lost over the lockdown period and the new fixtures have been posted on RevSport. Your section coordinators will be able to provide more information.


For all training sessions, both junior and seniors, for the next week the below rules must be followed:

   *   All attendees to the PHC must check in using the QR code on display at entrance or the clubroom. This means all junior and senior players, coaches, support staff and supervising parents. Parents must sign their child in, or their child must come upstairs and sign register inside.
   *   No spectators are permitted in to the venue. Only coaches, players, support staff required to run training or parents/guardians for the purposes of supervising children or dependents.
   *   You cannot travel further than 25km to attend training at Peninsula Hockey Centre.
   *   You must wear a fitted face mask when not participating in strenuous exercise. Both indoors and outdoors.
   *   Sanitise hands before entering pitch.
   *   Come in. train. Leave.
   *   Bring own drink bottle. Do not share equipment.
   *   Change rooms will not be open.

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation with these restrictions as keeping safe will keep us all out on the pitch.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your section coordinator.